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Fly your stress away! Your lo-fi safe space awaits to get your thoughts in peace
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May 25, 2023
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At the end of a long, stressful day when you just want to relax, get all of the thoughts out of your head and hit the pillow – get yourself ready to depart into the land of happy, fluffy clouds…
Surf through peaceful skies and and unwind. Get rid of your anxious thoughts and feel the relaxation through the meditative gameplay of Dream Surf. Let’s make your dream to fly come true!
Now, breathe in, breathe out and let’s start our journey into your Chill Headspace! Your daily de-stressing routine starts right now. Build a little habit and treat yourself to an anxiety free game. Nothing can remind you of dull colors of mundane – paint your ideal headspace with colors of joy and relaxation.
Take your mini-you: choose some comfy and colorful clothes, get the hair you always wanted and send them out into the sky!
In the beautiful sunset, you spread your hands wide, and listen to the calming lo-fi music. Do not worry about obstacles on your way. Fly through them and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds! In this safe space nothing can stop your peaceful flight. Pop cubes into bubbles, dash on the rainbow’s tail and hug the clouds!
Get into the right headspace before bedtime: no negativity, no intrusive thoughts and no white noise. No high scores to beat, no stress of losing, only a place to space out and let your inner peace thrive: the perfect balance between asleep and awake, concentration and chilling.
Pick up your phone and swap mindless scrolling with a few runs in a world full of wonders!
Do no forget to PLAY WITH SOUND to enjoy the relaxing and meditative ASMR from object interaction!
Download and Play Dream Surf - Chill Headspace now & let the new routine begin!


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