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The Ultimate Open-World roleplaying sandbox experience in online live simulator
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Immerse yourself in the gritty, high-stakes world of Grand Auto Mobile - RP World, a captivating open-world crime saga that challenges you to rise through the ranks and cement your reign over the city's seedy underbelly. Its a good immersive multiplayer online sandbox game. Experience the thrill of GTA Online, GTA RP, and other online open world games like GTA 5 Online and Vice City.

Engage in heart-pounding car races, master the art of vehicular combat, and forge strategic alliances as you navigate the intricate web of gang politics. Every decision you make will shape your destiny in this comprehensive real-life simulation of the criminal lifestyle, just like the best roleplay sandbox games and live simulator experiences.


Find a dream work:
You can be a real police man and protect good people from evil or you can be a doctor and save lifes. In Grand Auto Mobile - RP World you can be what ever you want!

Territorial Conflicts and Uneasy Alliances:
Navigate the complex power dynamics of the underworld. Form or join powerful crime syndicates, build coalitions, and devise cunning strategies to seize control of the city's most lucrative territories, just like in the grand gangster games of the GTA franchise.

Dynamic Open-World Exploration:
Uncover the secrets and hidden opportunities that lurk within Grand Auto Mobile - RP World's diverse neighborhoods. Encounter unique challenges and opportunities as you delve deeper into the city's gritty underbelly, in this massive sandbox environment.

Refined Driving and Combat Mechanics:
Pilot a diverse fleet of high-performance vehicles, each with their own distinct handling and capabilities. Engage in intense car chases, drifting competitions, and shoot-outs, utilizing a robust and realistic combat system, for the ultimate GTA-inspired experience.

Customizable Protagonist:
Mold your character's appearance, skills, and moral compass. Your choices in equipment, attire, and decision-making will directly impact your standing and interactions within the criminal underworld, as you create your own unique roleplay identity.

Sophisticated Economy and Progression:
Expand your financial empire through a mix of legal and illicit activities. Invest, trade, and leverage your economic prowess to gain a strategic advantage over rival factions, in this deep and complex criminal sandbox.

Evolving Narrative and Community Events:
Witness the city's narrative unfold through cooperative missions, gang-based competitions, and large-scale community events that bring players together in an ever-changing world of crime and power struggles, just like the vibrant FiveM RP community.

Try the captivating world of Grand Auto Mobile - RP World.


- Huge performance optimisations.
- Major bug fixes.
- NPC people with money rewards!
- NPC cars which now you can drive!


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