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Alphabet - alphabet for children from 3 to 5 years old and toddlers in Russian. Learning letters and sounds
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May 30, 2024
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Talking alphabet for children and toddlers is an educational game for children and their parents. Made with love, as I did for my daughter.There are many modes: letters, sounds, vowels and consonants, voiced and unvoiced. Colorful pictures, user-friendly interface, professional voice acting from a Russian language teacher!

The alphabet for children and toddlers is very important, because thanks to it the child will quickly learn letters and sounds, and therefore learn to read quickly. Our game has 2 voiceovers: sounds and letters mode in Russian.

Alphabet for children, also suitable for little ones. The optimal age of a child for learning the alphabet is from 4 to 6 years old; of course, there are capable children who can be taught from 3 years old, optimally 5 years old the year before school.

It’s better to start learning letters with vowels: A, O, U, Y, I, E, Yo, E, Yu, Ya (there are 10 of them), since they are easy to pronounce and it will be easy for the baby to learn them (at first there are 6 vowel sounds: A, O, U, Y, I, E, and then 4 vowel letters, which are formed by merging two sounds: E = Y + O; E = Y + E; Yu = Y + U; I = Y + A. Also vowels There are drums and no drums.

The next step is the consonants: B, V, G, D, ZH, Z, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, F, X, Ts, Ch, Sh, Shch (there are 21 of them). And 2 auxiliary letters b and b. There are only 33 letters in the Russian alphabet.

This educational game is completely free and will help your child quickly learn sounds and letters. If your child liked the game, write a review - this will be the best payment. Thank you and happiness to your family!


Версия 2024: Добавили 4 учебные игры и слайд шоу
Версия 5: Стабильная версия для школы
Версия 4: Учим звуки
Версия 3: Учим буквы - игра угадай букву
Версия 2: Новые режимы алфавита - гласные, согласные, звонкие, глухие
Первая версия: Говорящая азбука алфавит для детей