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A funny dog friendly version of Minesweeper
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Nov 18, 2023
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Dive into nostalgia with "Poopsweeper", a free and offline application that resurrects the classic '90s game of Minesweeper in in a new and dog-friendly way. This modern implementation offers the same addictive gameplay you remember, but with:
• a sleek and minimalist design that's perfect for today's devices.
• some sense of humor and a funny presentation

🌼 Key Features 🌼

1️⃣ Offline Gameplay:
Enjoy the thrill of "Poopsweeper" anytime, anywhere. No need for an internet connection; it's a truly portable and classic gaming experience.

2️⃣ Modern Meets Retro:
We've blended the timeless gameplay of minesweeper with a modern design aesthetic. The result is a visually pleasing and intuitive gaming experience that captures the essence of the '90s.

3️⃣ Zoom and Pan:
Our game is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to navigate and explore the minefield with precise zoom and pan controls. Whether you're on a small smartphone or a large tablet, the game adapts to your screen resolution.

🌻 How to Play 🌻

If you're new to "Poopsweeper" here's a quick guide:

Tap the tiles to uncover what's beneath.
Numbers on the tiles indicate the number of adjacent poops.
Use logic to deduce the safe tiles and avoid poops.
Clear the field without touching any poop to win!
Rekindle the joy of strategic thinking and puzzle-solving with "Poopsweeper". It's a game that's stood the test of time, and now it's ready to challenge you wherever you go.

Download the game today and relive the golden era of gaming. Enjoy the thrill of uncovering hidden poops and strategizing your way to victory in "Poopsweeper".

🎮 Game Keywords 🎮

• Minesweeper
• Flower Field
• Classic
• '90s
• Retro
• Offline
• Strategy
• Puzzle
• Minimalist Design
• Zoom and Pan
• Mobile Gaming
Get ready to embark on a journey of logic, strategy, and nostalgia with "Poopsweeper." Download now and experience the classic reborn on your mobile device.



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