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Try La Guatoca, naughty adult drinking game that takes fun to the next level
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🎲 You know the goose game? Well, Guatoca takes it to the next level! You can easily use this alcoholic version of the iconic game anywhere, and it's free and without ads!

Welcome to La Guatoca, the ultimate adult drinking game designed to bring laughter, excitement, and memorable moments to your party! With its unique combination of a board game, truth or dare challenges, and never have I ever questions, this house party game guarantees a thrilling and hilarious experience for you and your friends. Let the dice roll and get ready for an unforgettable night!
Try La Guatoca – Drinking Games for Adults

Dice Roller Drunk Games
♟ Do you also want your own game board to drink with friends? We'll save you the trouble. This drink party game comes to your devices to drink alcohol in groups everywhere without having to worry about getting wet or breaking the board. There is no limit to the number of players! The dice roller game combines the classic thrill of a board game with an adult twist. Roll the dice and navigate through an exciting game board, encountering surprises, challenges, and plenty of opportunities for fun and mischief. Each move brings you closer to discovering new truths, daring adventures, and drinking moments!

All in One Drinking Games for Adults
🌶 We don't just provide you with a simple board dice game. La Guatoca offers you the right board for different occasions. Whether you want to reach the right alcohol level in a bar, at a bachelor party or a home party, this app always adapts to the situation. With the HOT game board, you can also add the right spice to an evening with your partner or friends. Discover all their secrets! Entertain all your guests with the best drink party experience of their lives by playing different drinking games with friends and other attendees. Dare to be bold, dare to drink and most of all, dare to be free and have fun!

Make Drink Party More Fun
🔁 Are you bored of the same questions in other drunk games? With La Guatoca this won't happen to you anymore! Each game board consists of squares with different task types (Drink, Never have I ever, Truth or Dare, Event and Hot). Each task type has different difficulties and proportions. Moreover, this house party game makes each game unique, because the tasks on each field of a game board are not always the same. Instead, they vary from game to game, making each experience with this app unique!

Naughty Party Adult Trivia
📚 Great variety of questions of each type elaborated with many years of experience in the field. From party animals for party animals. Delight your eyes while playing drunk games. With the beautiful design of this house party trivia app you do something good for your eyes! Be ready for the most naughty party truth or dare.

🎉 Now it's up to you! Download La Guatoca – Drinking Games for Adults and have fantastic nights with your friends or partner! There's something for everyone in this dice roller game and no one will stay sober! Can you make it to the finish line or are you too drunk? Cheers! 🍻

For more information, problems or suggestions, contact us via [email protected] or find us at @guatoca_eng.

You are not obliged to do any kind of challenge or answer any of the questions proposed by the game. You can play the game drinking anything without alcohol. Drink in moderation and, if you drink, do not drive. Ica Games is not responsible for the use of this application.

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