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It's time to start an exciting day in the airport game. To begin with, you can choose who you want to be: a passenger or a pilot.
Various cool activities await the passengers of the plane. To get started in the airport simulator game, you have to pack a suitcase. And then - welcome to the airport itself. There you have to choose where you want to fly and buy a ticket. But they will not forget to pay for it. After that, you have to hand in all the things that cannot be transported on the plane. And now the most interesting thing awaits you - passport control. There they will stamp your document - and you can get on the plane. Place all passengers in their seats, fasten their seat belts and it's time to take off. During the flight, you will have a chance to distribute drinks and food to passengers. You will reach your destination in a very short time. There you will have to get off the plane, collect your luggage and enjoy your vacation.
If you choose to become a pilot, then first you will have to choose the plane on which you will travel, prepare it for flight. You have to wash the plane and repair it. You can do this at the car wash and in the workshop. All this is in one place - the airport. You will also have to clean the interior of the plane. After that, it's time to travel.
And for the parents of our young users, we would like to point out that airport games will not only be good entertainment for your child. They will help develop her spatial thinking, imagination and attention.


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