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This educational application allows users to get to know Angola better
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May 25, 2023
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The "Quiz Angola" application is an interactive game that allows users to test their knowledge of Angola through quizzes based on six different themes: culture, politics, economy, sport, history and geography. At the start of the game, the user chooses a theme that interests him and is presented with four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult and expert.

Each difficulty level contains ten quizzes to answer. Each quiz has four answer options and the user must choose the correct answer to earn a point. If he chooses the wrong answer, he does not earn a point. The user can decide to continue to the next question, return to the start of the game or stop playing at any time.

If the player chooses to continue playing, they will be presented with more quizzes until they have answered all the quizzes in the selected level. At the end of each level, the player will receive a cumulative total score based on the number of correct answers they provided throughout the level.

Once a level is completed, the player can decide to change level, theme or stop playing. If he decides to change levels, he will be presented with another set of quizzes that are more difficult or easier depending on the level chosen. If he decides to change theme, he will have the possibility to choose another theme among the six proposed.

In summary, the "Quiz Angola" application is an educational interactive game that allows users to test their knowledge of Angola through fun and interactive quizzes. The app is easy to use and provides an enjoyable user experience with different difficulty levels and cumulative scores to track user progress.



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