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Morocco Sports Club Fez is a Moroccan sports club from the second largest city in Morocco, the oldest of which is the city of Fez. It is one of the oldest clubs in Moroccan and African football. It knows more about football and basketball. It was founded in 1946. It plays in the Moroccan national championship and returned in 2020 to the first division after its promotion in 2016. The colors of the team are yellow and black. Throughout its history, Morocco's Fassi has always played an important role in the development of Moroccan football before independence. Morocco's Fassi was the first team to reach the final price round of the French Cup and met the then great team, Red Star. After independence, and in the first tournament organized under the auspices of the Royal Moroccan Football League in October 1956, Morocco was one of the first religions to gain their position among the powerful, and it was deposited only in 1995, to return to it after two years, but it was the descent again in 2004.

History of Morocco Fassi
The Maghreb Fez team is among the founding teams of Moroccan football. Since its founding in 1946, it played a pioneering role, as it was the first non-French team to reach the price role in the French Cup, but it met with the great and famous Red Star team at the time.

And since the founding of the Moroccan championship in 1956, Morocco Fassi gained its position with the powerful and competed with them for the Moroccan league championship. Morocco Fassi has all the characteristics of an independent team, i.e. an office, a president, and financial resources that were provided to it by the rich of the city, so efforts combined, and only a few years passed until the first title was made, and that was in 1965 by players who carved their names on the Fez ball and who were not lucky in the years 1966 and 1971 and 1974 after losing the final of the Moroccan Throne Cup, to return after that and win the national championship title in 1979 from a team that half of the national team, such as Al-Hazzaz, Lehman, Al-Tazi and Al-Zahrawi, came after them the generation of the eighties who won the title of the Throne Cup for the first time in 1980 immediately after winning the title in 1979 and Yazid Khazna Morocco Fez with two consecutive titles for the national championship, the first in 1983 and the second in 1985.

An application that is a music and image player in an organized and easy-to-use manner
The application interface contains a video clip of the most prominent Moroccan players playing in the Moroccan club Maghreb El Fassi, the interface gives you two options, either to play the music or to view the pictures

How much do you know about the soccer player in Morocco? If you like quiz this app is for you. This is a fun and relaxing game. With hundreds of Moroccan football players from all over the world, you can try to guess the name of each of them with high image quality. Learn while enjoying the football stars of Morocco Fez. Guess the footballer quiz consists of the image of football players from all popular leagues:
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This app is designed for entertainment and to increase knowledge about football player. Every time you pass a level, you will get hints. If you can't recognize a .