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Solo developer medieval GPS game. Give it a try and let me know you think!
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Get ready to fight epic battles and become a legend in your city! The geo location-based RPG game that lets you fight creatures, explore the wizarding world around you, solve quests, build your own medieval town, and battle powerful bosses with your friends using your GPS location.

--- GPS ---

Using GPS technology, Magic Streets brings a medieval open world to life by transforming your city into a magical fantasy realm filled with danger and excitement. As you geo move and explore the streets, you'll encounter powerful monsters, hidden treasure chests, and quests that will challenge your skills and test your courage.

--- Guilds ---

Join a guild and strategize with other heroes to raid bosses, earning valuable loot and experience points along the way. Or join multiplayer battles and raids where you can team up with your friends and guildmates to defeat creatures and bosses around the world. Open portals to let guildmates travel around the world.

--- Build ---

In addition to the classic RPG gameplay, Magic Streets also allows you to build your own city on the realm map. You can construct buildings to forge weapons and craft armor, enhancing your items and refining materials to become more powerful. You can even dye your armor to make them look more epic! With your own city, you can create a home base and defend it against enemy raid attacks.

--- Hunt ---

With geo treasure maps, you'll discover hidden caches containing rare and powerful fantasy items that will aid you on your journey. That's what location based gaming is all about!

--- Join ---

Start today and become the ultimate hero of your city by going out, exploring your surroundings, building your city, fighting battles, and unleashing your RPG skills in this multiplayer location based game!

--- Accomplishments ---

* Over 250.000 combined downloads.
* Over 7.500 highly ratings from real players.
* A discord community with over 2.000 players.
* Regular updates based on community feedback.

--- Follow the project ---

Join the discord community:


• Added support for global solo boss fights. The global lobby now remains open for an extended period, increasing the chances of finding another player to join the fight. Local solo boss fights have been removed.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the completion of deliver messages, making these quests now claimable.
• Fixed a glitch on the quest screen's buttons that occurred after claiming a quest.


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