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Find My Phone: Sound Locator locate and find your phone by clap and whistle
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Jun 11, 2024
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Unlock the ultimate phone finder with 4-in-1 security features! Secure and find your device effortlessly.

👏 Clap & Whistle Detection:
Just clap or whistle to trigger buzzing and flashing – essential for when your device is hidden or on silent.

🔊 Voice Passcode Unlocks:
Experience innovative security with Voice Passcode. Record your voice and use it to unlock your phone – hands-free convenience!

🚨 Pocket Anti-theft Alarm:
Stay one step ahead of thieves. The Pocket Anti-theft function detects unwanted touches, alerting you with noise and flashing lights.

🚫 Don't Touch My Device:
Enable "Don't Touch My Phone" mode to keep curious hands at bay. It buzzes if someone tries to move your phone.

🌟 Why Choose Us? 🌟
✔ Find your phone effortlessly with sound recognition
✔ Voice-activated security enhances personal access
✔ Alerts for theft attempts provide added security
✔ Deter unauthorized phone handling in public places
✔ Simplified safety - no internet needed, just sound!
👍 Download now for peace of mind, and never search for your phone in silence again!

Thank you for using Find My Phone: Sound Locator!


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+ Update UX


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