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A learning coach matching service based on 28 years of tutoring know-how.
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May 25, 2023
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- Tutor next door, a learning coach matching service created based on member and learning coach matching data for about 28 years
Student satisfaction with classes 96.7 points (results of self-satisfaction survey data for 2,427 students in May 2021)
1 million cumulative actual class members, 20,000 cumulative learning coaches
•If you were recommended for tutoring only by subject and grade, now try matching learning coaches in a new way!
• You can be matched with a learning coach that suits your student's inclination, and you can also enter the learning management points that parents want in tutoring in the matching data. Classes are important, but confidently ask the learning coach for the learning management your parents want!

-Find a learning coach that fits your student's inclination!
•Learning coaching is available for all grades and all subject classes, including elementary, middle, and high school, as well as Korean, English, math, science, and social studies.
•Input parent's educational direction → input student's propensity → enter learning coach style, then learning coach will be matched.
•Core strategy of the class ·Class review ·Check the profile of the learning coach to find the learning coach you like!
•What if you feel frustrated with adjusting the student's disposition, subject, and class method in 1:1 chat? Get a recommendation from the tutor next door.
•Because you already know the recommended keywords, 1.1.2. Even without explanation, the learning coach knows the student's tendency and teaching style.

- My child's grades are important, but [educational direction] is also important, right?
Not just teaching subjects, but “formation of empathy”, “changes”, “correction of wrong answers”, “management of adolescent emotions”, “rapid grade improvement”, “middle test”, “regular parent counseling”, “careers” Settings”, “Self-directed study method”, “Planner writing method”, “Coach’s academic background and experience”, “Student respect attitude”, etc. If you check what you want, the learning coach will coach you along with the subject!

- What if it is difficult to find a direct learning coach? Our consultants are here to help!
•If you do not have time due to work, or if you find it difficult to find a study coach that is perfect for your student, the “consultant” specializing in educational consultation and matching next door will listen to parents' educational concerns and find the study coach that is right for your student!
If you have failed to find a tutor in the meantime, join the consultant!


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