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Optimize your cutting lists automatically and minimize waste.
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Mar 18, 2023
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Cutter is a totally free tool dedicated to optimizing cutlists automatically.

Its easy, simple and intuitive design makes Cutter the best tool designed for the professional field, from small to large companies.

Oriented mainly to metal carpentry (aluminum, PVC...), with this software you can optimize your material cutting lists by adjusting the maximum use of the bars (linear cutting).

Very fast optimization process: Get optimization of thousands of measurements in seconds.

Use an intelligent algorithm that will carry out the optimization, organization and distribution tasks of the different measures in the best possible way.

You must always enter the total measurement of each piece (from exterior to exterior).

Fully customized cutting configuration.

Save measurement lists with custom names.
Retrieve lists directly from the saved lists menu or import your own txt file.

Use your own scraps to include in the optimization, useful to take advantage of leftover pieces that you have available.

The initial settings will be stored automatically and you will not need to enter the data again.
At any time you can reset the values ​​from Menu -> Reset.

You can delete any measurement at any time using a long press on it.
You can delete the list of measurements from a button.
You can undo accidental deletions.

The cutting optimization will be shown grouped in the number of bars whose cuts are identical, being able to mark each element of the list (using a long press) to control at all times which material has been cut.

In turn, a graphic element will be shown simulating the scale bar with the cut used and the excess scrap.

The top part will show the number of total bars needed and the number of total pieces, useful if we need to know previously how many bars we need to order from the factory or for any other reason.

In case of error, you will be notified so that you can review the list of measures.

Share the optimization of the material through your usual messaging client (Telegram, Skype ...) or simply paste it into your favorite notes application.

Print or export in a PDF file your optimizations and add a custom logo if you wish.

The application supports decimals. To avoid errors it is recommended to use the Google Keyboard:

For any questions or suggestions, write me an email at [email protected] or via Telegram at


Added cutting type images to PDF.
Fixed ANR when starting to optimize.
Other minor improvements.
[Premium Feature]
Cut type.
Premium users can choose the type of cut for each piece and it will also be shown in the optimization list