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Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz APKs

Educational quizzes and fun trivia games for you to test your general knowledge.
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Up for some puzzles & brainteasers? Erudite offers brain teaser games that are beneficial for cognitive brain training. Our game pretty much guarantees you won't be bored and the reason being is that while you're playing games, you are increasing your general knowledge without it feeling like you are studying for some kind of a school exam. It's incredibly relaxing to just escape daily stress and spend some time solving puzzles.

Do you remember how the senior side of your family always used to play some sort of jeopardy and riddles when you were little? It's easy to assume they were trying to crack trivia questions like these out of sheer boredom and because there was nothing better to do at the time. However, this is not the case.

These brain teaser games are actually for cognitive brain training that makes you smarter and keeps your brain sharp. Just like your body, it's vital to test your brain every now and then to ensure it's in good general condition. Not that you will become stupid in your 70s or anything like that, but you should challenge yourself with new brain games & quizzes every now and then to show that you've still got it.

So how do these educational riddle games work? In essence, they consist of questions and answers and if you've ever played word trivia games, you fully realize that knowledge is power - you will certainly need it to become the star of the feud. However, this daily puzzle takes a slightly different approach compared to traditional guessing and knowledge games.

When it's quiz time, Erudite generates daily trivia questions that will test your knowledge in:

- History (so you will never make the same mistakes twice)
- Math (so you will be able to count faster)
- Geography (so you will know this planet inside and out)
- Science (so you will know how the world works)
- Linguistics (so you will impress your friends with fancy words)
- Music (so dreamy melodies will carry your worries away)

On your puzzle adventure, you will collect points. The app gives you three tries, so don't worry if you make a mistake - you have plenty of attempts.

Brain training can be fun and it has nothing to do with a typical school test. Prove yourself as the ultimate fun trivia quiz master as you navigate your way through tricky questions on different topics, all while learning interesting facts you didn't know before. Are you smarter than the trivia quiz? Then show it!

At the end of the day, trivia games always prove that knowledge is power. A simple quiz game can crown you as the trivia star of the day in front of your friends. Try out our brainteasers to challenge yourself and test your knowledge!


We've crushed a few bugs to make Erudite an even more enjoyable brain workout for you.
Your feedback is invaluable, and if you're loving the app, a quick rating means a lot to us.
We appreciate you being part of our journey!/
More to come! Enjoy!


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