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Gener8 - Earn From Your Data APKs

Turn your data into real-world rewards: from gift cards to charity donations
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May 28, 2024
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Gener8 turns your online data into real-world rewards: from gift cards and gadgets to exclusive offers and charity donations! It’s time YOU get rewarded for YOUR data.

Gener8 is backed by 3 Dragons from the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. More than 750,000 people already use Gener8 on desktop & mobile!

Everyone’s making money from your data. Except you. Gener8 changes this.


- Connect apps to Gener8
- See the data they hold on you in a cool new way
- Anonymise your data and earn points from it
- Spend your points on: gift cards, gadgets, exclusive offers, charity donations & more!


At Gener8 we believe that you should be able to control your own data.

Right now your data is being hoovered up by companies that you’ve never even heard of. It feels like everyone is making money from your data. Except you.

Gener8 changes that. We put you back in control.

Gener8 shows you what information other apps hold on you. We visualise this in a beautiful and easy to understand manner and then we empower you to exchange your anonymised data from these companies for Gener8 rewards - should you choose to.

No data leaves your device or passes through any of our systems without your explicit consent. All insights are generated on your device and data is only shared with us if you choose to. All data is anonymised, so your personal information is never shared with anyone.

Watch the space. We’re constantly improving the app!

Learn more about Gener8: gener8ads.com


Introducing the freshest feature in town, exclusively for our Android squad - App Time! 🚀📱Turn your everyday app usage into a rewarding experience 🤯 and watch the points come rolling in as you use your favourite phone apps 🤩🛍️ It’s like getting rewarded for being the app expert you were born to be! 🤑👩‍💻


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