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Learn English vocabulary for 6-12 years kids, English as a second language
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Voca Tooki is an educational app designed for learning English vocabulary in elementary schools. It is the best way to learn English as a second language.

By Voca Tooki, the pupil will learn a lot of words. For each word its meaning, its spelling, how to use it in a sentence, and how to pronounce it. In addition, the pupil will learn a wide range of grammar topics in the English language in a very interesting and fun way! The pupil will learn sentence translation as well.
Your kid will play games that will help him/her earn more than 1400 words which we choose based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Voca Tooki is an app for learning English as a foreign language. It is used daily by hundreds of schools. The content is created by top education experts who are recognized as leaders in education technology in the world.

*Home Learning/ Homeschooling:
By Voca Tooki, we are encouraging independent interactive learning.
We are teaching vocabulary and words through lessons. First, we expose the child to the word list, then we make him/her practice the words he learned, and finally, he/she will pass an exam to check his/her achievements.

*Play & Learn:
Kids will learn & play more than 450 different and enjoyable games. Kids love these games because they are engaging and exciting and this will make their learning process much more effective.
Voca Tooki believes that gamification is a great way to help kids. We are using many gaming principles in this learning platform: virtual rewards that keep the kids engaged, and competitions between the pupils in order to make learning more attractive for these kids!
Each child can choose their own avatar and choose his/her clothes and items. In all games, they win coins and prizes!

* Personalized Learner System:
In Voca Tooki, our system learns the progress of the pupil and changes according to his/her level of knowledge. The words, games, and complexity are chosen by the app based on the pupil鈥檚 progress and level using a very powerful machine learning technology. By using these machine learning technologies, we choose the most effective games/ways to make learning a magical adventure for each pupil!

Top Features:
* Fun and simple gameplay
* Personalized learner
* Motivational and positive feedback
* Challenging and competitive
* Sense of capability
* Continuity

The child's progress will be tracked all the time, and the parents will get a weekly report about their child's progress and results.
The parents will get alerts and notifications if their child is not progressing as expected in the system!


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