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Middle-aged cam - video friend social app for chatting with middle-aged people
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May 29, 2023
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Video chat middle-aged cam calls with high-definition video are really fun.
If you access the middle-aged cam app, you can request a video call to the opposite sex right away.
How would you feel if someone, male or female, made a video call to you first?
Enjoy the thrill of middle-aged people exchanging videos with each other right here at Middle-aged Cam!
It's fun to send and receive talk through conversation, but try video chatting right away through middle-aged cam!

Simple and easy to register video call app middle-aged cam, quickly use video chat
Start a video call with 100% real members without ghost members right now.
Video chat app using cam! Enjoy here! Video chatting for quick video calls

- Middle-aged cam video talk is concise?
1. Video chatting with a simple membership sign-up to create a simple profile and use it right away
2. Video chat in a simple way that connects immediately when a video chat application is received when accessing the video chat app
3. Video chatting in a concise way to apply directly to the opposite sex you are interested in
4. Voice chatting system! The only video chat that allows video and voice calls

- Middle-aged cam young is exciting?
1. Video chat to get to know each other by looking at the other person's face through video chat. After seeing the face, make an appointment.
2. In the middle-aged cam, we can now have more sincere conversations and get to know each other through photo exchanges.

- Middle-aged cam video call app that allows you to make your own friends!
1. Make a lover in the video chat app!
2. Enjoy daily video calls with steamed friends and friends through steamed registration on the middle-aged cam

- Bad member filtering system?
No more getting stressed while using the app!
The middle-aged cam monitors 24 hours a day, including bad members, ghost members, unauthorized photo theft, etc.
We are processing permanent suspension as soon as we see bad members that interfere with the use!

- Is video chatting burdensome?
1. Voice calls are also available. You can only make calls with non-English voice.
2. In addition to calling, the app is full of middle-aged women who upload photos and chat! Middle Age Cam!

Enjoy the meeting with the middle-aged cam, and enjoy the video with the middle-aged cam
Do you want to soothe your loneliness and boredom?
Make dating fun and easy, make a lover on middle-aged cam
Middle-aged cam video chat app! Start video chatting right now in middle-aged cam!

▶ Guide to access rights:
-Camera (required): Required to deliver the video input to the camera to the other party during a video call.
- Microphone (required): Required to transmit the voice input to the microphone to the other party during video calls.
-Location information: It is necessary to obtain the distance to the conversation partner based on the user's current location.
-Storage space (required): Required to send pictures or register and save profile pictures when chatting.
- Phone (required): Identity verification service for those aged 19 or older

This app is committed to monitoring for youth protection by prohibiting the following acts within the app in accordance with the 'recommendation to strengthen youth protection activities' of the National Guard. In addition, we are monitoring to prevent the distribution of harmful content, and as soon as it is discovered, the member/post may be blocked or the account may be suspended without notice.

1. It is not intended for prostitution, and it complies with the Youth Protection Act, but users should be careful as it may contain harmful or harmful contents to teenagers.
2. A person who mediates, solicits, induces, or coerces prostitution, including children and youth, or a person who engages in prostitution is subject to criminal punishment.
3. Indecent or suggestive profile pictures and posts that induce unwholesome encounters that liken genitals and sexual acts are prohibited from distribution on this service.
4. All other illegal acts that violate current laws, such as narcotics, medicines, and long-term trading, are prohibited.
Developer Contact:
[email protected]



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