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Train Roller Coaster APKs

Reach your goal by navigating the maze-like train tracks!
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May 25, 2023
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Train Roller Coaster - High-speed Bullet Train is a train app that's really easy to use!
Anyone can use the app intuitively without any instructions and feel as if they were driving a bullet train.
Complete different stages and scenarios by driving the bullet train and navigating the train tracks that branch out like a maze.

●Realistic sense of speed!
The speed of the bullet train changes as it travels up and down the winding slopes! You can even reach speeds as high as ●●●km/h!!

●Use the master controller to freely control the bullet train!
Experience what it feels like to drive a bullet train by reversing up slopes, using emergency brakes, and so on!

●Enjoy thrilling roller coaster-like courses with ups and downs!
After making your way uphill, the train will pick up speed as you drive downhill! You can even go round a full loop!

●Choose from different stages and paths to enjoy a wide range of scenarios!
The bullet train runs through stages such as an urban city, a peaceful mountain, and an amusement park! You will find different places such as railway bridges, tunnels, and rail yards at the end of different paths!

How to play the game
- Choose your favorite stage where you will drive the train.
- The train that you drive is random.
- Change the speed of the train using the up and down controls of the master controller.
- Change the destination of the train using the path button.
- Sound the train whistle using the whistle button.
- You can stop the train at stations, chase other trains around, and enjoy the drive in your favorite way!


Minor bug fixes.


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