Motor Killer

Rebel against the technological dictatorship
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Mar 17, 2023
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Motor Killer - Sci-fi Shooter

You are a rebel biker who doesn't accept the military technological dictatorship of a big futuristic city.
You need to fight! So stand up against the regime's cruelty and fight against your enemies with guns and motorcycles!

One bike, one power:
Pick up new bikes during your journey and use them wisely. Each motorcycle has a different power that allows you to inflict area damage and protection...

A large arsenal of weapons:
We have grenades, shotguns, SMGs, pistols, Assault Rifles, and many other types of weapons. Each weapon has its rarity and attributes. Collect them all and create different attack strategies.

Different levels and enemies:
Count on many unique levels and various types of enemies along your journey!

Auto shooting mechanics:
Complicated controls to play? Not here! Our game makes it easy to enjoy 3 minutes or hours of hardcore gameplay!

Your base:
Customize your base and have it protected by your arsenal of weapons and motorcycles and plan your next attacks on enemies!

Play Motor Killer and have fun in this dystopic future.


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