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In this game you need to keep out of the hands of multiple enemies.
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Oct 26, 2023
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When the game starts, you can choose between two players in the main menu. The player of choice then enters the playing scene.

The player can move to the left and the right inside the scene. Multiple enemies of two kinds enter the scene at random times on the very left or right side of the scene. They then move around from the left to the right side or vice versa.

The goal of the player is to keep out of the hands of the enemies for as long as possible time. He can accomplish this by moving away from the enemies and by jumping over them. When the player touches (hence is caught by) the enemy, the player dies and the game ends.

Points can be gathered for every second the player keeps living by not getting caught by one of the enemies. For every successful jump over an enemy, the player earns 3 extra points.

When the player dies (hence is caught) the total number of earned points is recorded and shown in the game over screen. This screen also displays the maximum number of scored points ever, and this record is updated when applicable.

In the game over screen, the player has the option to restart the game and play the game another time.


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