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Manage focus and break timers, along with your to-do list, all in one place.
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May 30, 2023
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FocusMate is an exceptional app designed to optimize your time management in daily life. It offers focus and break timers, to-do list management, and white noise functionality, assisting you in maintaining a balanced work-life rhythm.

Key Features:
- Focus and break timers leveraging the Pomodoro technique
- Plan and track your day with to-do list management
- Customizable timer settings
- Enhanced focus with white noise
- Automatic start of the next timer

FocusMate is perfectly adaptable to suit your needs. Set the timer duration as you please and conveniently add, delete, and modify tasks on your to-do list. Additionally, the app applies a do-not-disturb mode during focus and break periods for more efficient time management.

Plan your day systematically and maximize your time with FocusMate. This app simplifies time management for diverse activities such as work, study, and exercise. Download now and experience a productivity boost!


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