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Tarot Card-Tarot Reading APKs

Tarot reading/Tarot Card/Tarot Divination/Horoscope/Love/Tarot master
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May 29, 2023
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Tarot Card is a tarot divination tool.

We are committed to the exchange and learning of Tarot Card, so that the majority of users who are interested in tarot card divination can use tarot card divination and learn tarot card divination more conveniently.

We always encounter all kinds of difficult decisions in our lives. If you use tarot card for divination, it may not directly give you the correct answer you want, but it can guide you to find out the choices deep in your consciousness. And the answer in the depths of our consciousness is often difficult to find by ourselves.

Tarot Card can also remind us to look at and analyze problems from multiple angles! When we think about problems, it is easy to fall into the trap of being simple and one-sided, and Tarot cards will often remind us to analyze problems from multiple angles, so as to get more comprehensive answers.

Special feature:
1. Daily divination
You can set that you randomly draw a tarot card for divination at the same time every day, and we will send you the result of the draw and divination. The divination results include the results of your life, work, love, and friendship that day.

2. Divination of love
You can choose different magic circles or card selection methods to predict your love problems.

3. Divination of career and work

4. Divination of the past or future

5. Tarot array.
Choosing different magic circles and card opening methods can more accurately predict the result of the problem.

6. Tarot learning
The meaning and interpretation of each tarot card.


Tarot cards are a very sophisticated form of divination. The interpretation reference of tarot cards provided by us is concluded by designers combining various materials and their own understanding, which has high reference significance. However, if you do not agree with our interpretation or you have your own understanding, you can also judge the divination results according to your own ideas. If you are interested in researching the interpretation of tarot cards, please feel free to contact us.


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