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12600 kaomoji, emoticon making , font, drawing, symbol, Keyboard, backup support
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May 23, 2024
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1. An emoticon app that is a shortcut to becoming a popular person!
More than 12600 Kaomoji, making emoticons, fonts, making popular fonts, Symbols, and drawing emoticons are a shortcut to becoming popular on SNS because they also support various functions for SNS!

2. Easy to use!
If you flip it to the side and touch it, it's easy to copy emoticons! If you press it for a long time, share the emoticon! If you press the heart next to it, it's an emoticon bookmark!
Easy to paste or use with Kaomoji keyboard!
How to use the app : https://spectacular-paddleboat-990.notion.site/How-to-use-Kaomoji-app-b47e9e5856774644bff664aee2511352

3. Korea, England, Japan, and 3 languages patch!

4. Make your own emoticons!
With my own Kaomoji making function, I can make whatever I want! + There's a drawing board, so you can make your own chat emoticons!

5. Popular Font
Decorate the letters by putting cute expressions or Symbols on them!

6. SNS-specific apps such as hashtags, line breaks, and widget creation

7. Robust bookmarks and backup capabilities
Tap the heart, touch the bookmark, and use it as a copy keyboard
Back up for initialization or transfer!

8. Your own custom keyboard
Custom keyboard function that allows you to set the key value however you want!

9. Enter a bothersome address! You don't have to do it anymore!
I think it's one of the things that I don't want to memorize and type.
But it'll be more convenient to change automatically if you just enter the address, right?
@address = [Kyunggi-do ***********]

Kaomoji app is a perfect emoticon app!

Location Permissions Guide
This permission is a location collection permission.
The reason for collection is necessary for a function that automatically enters the current location if you use the abbreviation [자동: 위치] which is one of the Kaomoji app functions.
It is used only for the above functions and never for any other purpose.

Accessibility Guide
This accessibility permission is for recognizing the text you enter and converting it to the text you specify.
Privileges required to use special text replacement.
It never collects, stores, or stores on the server, but only remains on your device.
Also, if you don't give me permission, you won't be able to use the feature, but you can give me permission later.

Personal Information Processing : https://mcbekr.kr/Personal_information_processing_policy/


If you specify a short text and type it, the emoticon I set up! A new convenient 'text replacement' function has been released!
Example) The text entered as 'hi' automatically changed to 'ヾ(•ω•`)o'!
Please refer to the instructions for the details!

1. I made the D-DAY function so that you can modify it by clicking on the main kaomoji text!
2. I've done a sdk update!
3. The D-DAY widget is here! Create a widget!
4. QR code generation function has been created!


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