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Bersta POS - Punto de venta APKs

Take control of your business with the free TPV point of sale app
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May 29, 2023
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Bersta POS is an application that allows you to have the POINT OF SALE of your business on your cell phone, organize and manage it through all the tools we offer, you can use it offline and take advantage of our web version, in addition, create your web catalog and receive your customers' orders directly to your application.

Groceries, restaurants, coffee shops, hardware stores, shoe stores, pharmacies, bars, beauty salons, bakeries, Bersta POS Point of sale in any business!

POS point of sale
✔ Make sales from your mobile.
✔ Generate printed or digital sales receipts.
✔ Share digital receipts via email or your preferred instant messaging system.
✔ Scan barcodes with your mobile camera.
✔ Scan products continuously and save time.
✔ Accept multiple forms of payment, including credit.

Web tools
✔ Generate your Bersta Shop and get your web catalog, receive orders from your customers directly in your application.
✔ Enter your web monitor to organize and manage your business.

Save your sales orders.
✔ Make a sale and save it in the order section to serve it another time.
✔ Check the pending orders indicator so you don't forget to attend to them.
✔ Schedule orders and deliver to your customers on time.

Manage your products
✔ Add all the products of your business.
✔ Include images, prices and much more.
✔ Modify the inventory of your products.
✔ Make inventory adjustments, whether they are input or output of products.
✔ Manage your products through categories.
✔ Apply volume discounts to your products.

Create customer account
✔ Add the necessary clients and configure their information.
✔ Check your sales movements and add notes or instructions from the client.
✔ Assign credit to your customers account

Option to sell on credit
✔ Designate a credit limit per customer.
✔ Check the current debt of the client and add payments to the account.

Analyze transactions and sales statistics
✔ Make general sales inquiries, by product or customer.
✔ Export sales information by mail order or your instant messaging system.
✔ Review the transactions made in the period of time indicated.

Manage your business inventory
✔ Check the stock of your products in the inventory section.
✔ Filter inventory by product status: sufficient stock, low stock, out of stock.
✔ Make multiple movements in or out of the warehouse.
✔ Define the minimum stock per product and activate the inventory traffic light.

Make cash cuts at the end of your day.
✔ Generate the necessary cash cuts to close your day and review your results.
✔ Print the results of your cash cuts.

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