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The exhilarating falling-block puzzle game!
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Jun 5, 2024
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Block Numbers, the exhilarating falling-block puzzle game, is now available on Android!
Born in the era of feature phones, Block Numbers has been revived for the modern age!
You can now enjoy this thrilling falling-block puzzle game on your Android device!
It's free, so be sure to download it and give it a try!

Connect blocks by color and number to eliminate them. Eliminating by number scores ten times the points than by color. Aim to eliminate by number for higher scores. Higher scores are achieved by eliminating by number towards the end of a chain reaction (repeated elimination). Occasionally, bomb blocks will drop to help by clearing blocks of the same color when matched.

- Endless Game: A game where you continually clear falling blocks.
- Disruption Drop Game: An endless game where disruptive blocks drop as the level increases.
- Options: Settings for the game and displaying high score rankings.
- Help: This screen (description).

鈼婫ame Description

Block Movement
- Left: [鈫怾 or [4]
- Right: [鈫抅 or [6]
- Fast drop (down): [鈫揮 or [8]
- Clockwise rotation: [center] or [5] or [1]
- Counterclockwise rotation: [2]
- Pause: [0]

Connect four or more blocks of the same color or three or more blocks of the same number adjacent either vertically or horizontally to eliminate them. More points are scored by eliminating more blocks or by varying colors. Eliminating by number scores ten times the points than by color. High scores can be achieved by eliminating by number at the end of a chain reaction. Occasionally, item blocks with bomb icons will drop, and matching these with other blocks of the same color will eliminate all blocks of that color on the screen. The level increases as a certain number of blocks are eliminated, increasing the drop speed and making it easier to score higher. In Disruption Drop Game mode, disruptive blocks drop when the level increases. To eliminate disruptive blocks, place normal blocks adjacent to them. When normal blocks are eliminated, any adjacent disruptive blocks are also eliminated. The game ends if blocks stack up to the block entry point. If a high score is achieved, a name entry screen appears to record the name (up to 5th place is saved).

- [鈫怾 or [4]: Decrease value
- [鈫抅 or [6]: Increase value
- [鈫揮 or [8]: Move cursor down
- [鈫慮 or [2]: Move cursor up
- [center] or [5]: Increase value or execute selection

- Volume (0-10): Sets the sound volume during the game. Note that some devices only support on/off and the volume may not reflect changes. Also, no sound is emitted if the phone is in manner mode (manner mode takes precedence). Volume is also sometimes influenced by the ringtone volume.
- Vibrate (On/Off): Sets the vibration on or off.
- Background color (RGB each 0-255 in 8 levels): Sets the color around the game screen (effective after restarting on some devices).
- High Score Ranking EL: Displays the high score ranking for Endless Game mode. Return with the [center] key.
- High Score Ranking BR: Displays the high score ranking for Disruption Drop Game mode. Return with the [center] key.
- Exit: Executes saving of option values and returns to the title.


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