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May 25, 2023
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FarmIQ Classic is the original mobile app for the FarmIQ Farm Management System.
In 2022, FarmIQ Systems Ltd released a new mobile app, FarmIQ, to provide farmers with clearer visibility of their business, some new and exciting features, and a more intuitive experience. Both FarmIQ Classic and FarmIQ need to be downloaded to access all the mobile features on the go.
The mobile app can help you save time by making it easy to record everyday activities such as stock movements, pasture covers and animal deaths when you want to – when you’re out on your farm, not back in the office.
FarmIQ Classic contains all the original mobile functionality of the farm management system, including:
· CALENDAR - Shows recent recorded activity on your farm
· UPLOAD FILE - Load files from most Tru-Test and Gallagher devices
· HEALTH TREATMENTS - Record a health treatment for a selection of animals
· MOVE STOCK - Record the movement of stock from one paddock to another
· DRAFT STOCK - Record the movement of stock from one mob to another
· WEIGHTS - Record animal weights
· BIRTHS - Record birth of stock on your farm
· PURCHASES - Record stock purchases
· PASTURE COVERS - Record pasture cover by paddock, block or custom farm walk
· FERTILISER - Record fertiliser applications on paddocks
· DEATHS - Record animal deaths
· SALES - Record sale of your stock
· GRAZING - Send your stock to graze on another farm
· RAINFALL - Record rainfall
· TASKS - Record and complete on-farm tasks
· TIMESHEETS - Record time
· HEALTH & SAFETY - Near misses
Make sure to download the FarmIQ app separately for all new functionality.


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