“Telegram” faces its competitors with “update” .. Does it replace “WhatsApp” ?

Telegram has announced the launch of new updates to its services.

The competition between instant messaging applications to capture a larger share of this huge market and maximize profits has intensified in a fierce struggle to attract users.

A few days ago, the “Telegram” application announced the launch of new updates to its services, to gain new ground from the declining “WhatsApp” space in recent months, due to the new privacy policy announced by the parent company, “Facebook”.

And the “Telegram” application announced an update to its services, including the service of automatically hiding messages, the expiration of the validity of invitation links through it, and unlimited chat groups.

This move comes from “Telegram” after criticism directed at “WhatsApp” due to the new privacy policy, which was recently announced to its users that it is preparing a new privacy policy, according to which it may exchange user data with the parent company “Facebook”, which raised the concerns of users whose number exceeds 2 billion around the world.

According to the latest statistics issued by the application, the number of active “Telegram” users is around 500 million.

Since “WhatsApp” announced its new policy, the “Telegram” application has topped the list of the most searched through various search engines, and 25 million people worldwide have downloaded the “Telegram” application on their phones during the first three weeks of last January, according to figures published by the Home Affairs Committee of the British Parliament. .
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