Warning of a "dangerous application" - capable of stealing data and photos.

Warning of a dangerous application that threatens privacy.

Android phone users are facing a warning about a "very dangerous" application that has been downloaded more than 100 million times so far, because it hid malicious spyware and was implicated in the data breach of millions of users.

In a report, the American magazine "Forbes" warned of "VPN" applications, especially free ones, and the "SuperVPN" application in particular.

The company responsible for the “VPN Pro” application said that “more than 105 million people may have their credit card details stolen, their photos and videos sold over the Internet and the recording of their private conversations” because of these applications, pointing out that they (the applications) “It allows hackers to intercept communications between the user and the provider, and even redirect users to a malicious hacker server.”

VPN applications, which are banned in several countries, aim to create a "passage" between your device and the Internet, directing your traffic through a server to mask your location and online activity. These applications have become more common in recent years.
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